With the completion of several barns and agricultural projects annually East Elgin Concrete Forming Limited is prepared to provide quality & professional workmanship with field and office staff ready to meet all of your agricultural needs and requirements.


  • Walls, Footings and Foundations, Slabs

  • Tanks, Ramps, Bays, Bunker Silos

  • Feed Alleys

  • Retaining Walls

  • "Somero"Copperhead Laser Screed



East Elgin Concrete Forming Limited is well versed in the commercial industry with several commercial projects completed on a monthly basis.  Projects ranging from small additions to large warehouse and production facilities.


  • Walls, Footings and Foundations, Slabs
    (Welded Wire Mesh, hardeners etc. as required and/or per specifications)

  • Somero S940 Laser Screed

  • Retaining Walls

  • Tanks, Ramps, Bays

  • Solar Panel Pads

  • "Somero"Copperhead Laser Screed



East Elgin Concrete Forming Limited  provides a full range of  residential concrete  services and has demonstrated  excellent workmanship  with the completion of hundreds of projects each year.


Our residential services range from:

  • Residential Foundations

  • Basement, Garage and Porch Slabs 

  • Additions

  • Shops and Garage Floors

  • Monolithic/Floating Slabs


East Elgin Concrete Forming Limited has successfully completed several projects in the marine industry.

Focusing on:


  • Pier & Breakwater Restoration

  • Bridge, Culvert & Tunnel Rehabilitation


Past projects include pier construction in Wallaceburg, Oakville, Port Burwell, Port Dover, Rondeau (Erieau) and Port Stanley, Ontario, as well as rehabilition and repair projects to culverts and bridges in Ontario.


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